Kindergarten Summer Camp Donoratico

100% immersive English experience. From the 28th of June to the 11th of July. Weekly rotations, from Sunday to Saturday.

Open to children ages 8 to 12.

The Kindergarten Summer Camp Donoratico is an English language camp held at the spectacular Paradù Ecoresort in Donoratico, organised by the Cambridge International accredited school Kindergarten of Florence, and by Bimbi in Movimento, a sports association specialized in the teaching of sports for children.
Children will learn the language by following a program full of sports and creative activities led by native English-speaking teachers.

A full immersion in English that lasts the whole day: 100% English, 100% Fun!

At this camp learning English is not just another activity, but the fil rouge of the whole experience: both the instructors and the teachers are mother tongue English speakers and, interacting with each other, they will carry out all of the activities in English: a true full immersion that allows you to have fun while improving your language level.

Educational Program Kindergarten “Discover English” (see page)


Hosting us is the Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort, a splendid resort of 36 hectares, completely renovated in 2014, immersed in Tuscany’s incredible Etruscan Coast, on the Marina di Castagneto Carducci, a blue flag awarded beach.
We will have exclusive dedicated spaces at our disposition where we can carry out our daily activities indoors or out. The sports activities will be carried out in the specific areas dedicated by the resort.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be held in a reserved section of Paradù’s common areas. We will sleep, surrounded by greenery, in Lodge Tents equipped with full comforts and a private bathroom.
The resort is a tranquil environment, safe (motor vehicles are not permitted within, with exceptional surveillance of the entrance and exit), suitable for children and families, it offers a rich entertainment program differentiated by age group and is attentive to the environment (Green Globe certified): a special place for a unique and unforgettable camp!


The program, developed over many years of experience at the Kindergarten school, foresees that children learn by playing with their peers, therefore, at the summer camp we will facilitate games in English among the children because this allows them to use, practice, and expand their vocabulary.
Participants will have the freedom to use their creativity, but they will also follow a well-structured program with many engaging activities.
The main theme of this year will be the Olympics. From the first day, the children will be divided into teams that will compete with each other in the various sports and artistic activities: from tennis to football, from archery to dance, from music to acting
The wonderful setting of the Ecoresort Paradù, with its outdoor spaces and its sports fields, will make the holiday truly unforgettable.



8.00 wake up
8.30 – 9.30 breakfast
9.00-13.00 Olympic Games
13.00-14.00 lunch
14.00-15.00 rest
15.00 – 19.00 Olympic Games
20.00 dinner
21.00 Paradù entertainment and shows



Bimbi in Movimento and Kindergarten are particularly attentive to nutrition. Our menu is based on the Mediterranean diet which balances fruit, vegetables, pasta, meat and fish. The menu is also designed for children who have allergies or intolerances.

For example, children with celiac disease will find gluten-free meal options for them, while vegetarian children will have a wide choice of foods available as well. Another good habit that we try to pass on to the children is to drink water regularly and avoid sugary or carbonated drinks.



The cost of the camp is:
730€ per week + 20€ insurance, all inclusive!
Deposit: 100€ non refundable
Remaining balance due the week before the start of camp.


Kindergarten students: enrolment and payment before the 31st of March 2020 – 650,00€; from the 1st of April 2020 — 690,00€
Sibling Discount: 40,00€ off the sum of the two enrolments
Paradù Clients: 690,00€
Several week discount: 30€ off for the second week and 40€ for the third

Furthermore, for Kindergarten and Bimbi in Movimento families, the Paradù Ecoresort offers a special 15% discount on their nightly rates, valid and active for the entire 2020 summer season, offer may not be combined with other discounts and subject to availability.

Information and Availability:

Please note: A certificate of physical fitness (certificato non agonistico) is necessary within 7 days before the start of camp.
Without this certificate the child will not be able to participate in the camp.

Included in the price are all the camp activities, from Sunday afternoon to Saturday morning:

  • English activities (24/7) lead by the English-speaking Kindergarten school teachers
  • the educational materials
  • all the necessities for sport activities
  • constant presence of capable, motivated, and experienced mother tongue instructors
  • accommodation at the property, in Lodge Tents, with the other camp participants
  • the food (3 meals a day)
  • the kit (3 t-shirts, 2 pairs of pants, backpack, hat)
  • the insurance


Payments via wire transfer to:
Polisportiva UnDueTre Sport s.s.d.r.l.

Iban: IT44 O 03296 01601 000067137498
(please note after IT44 O is the letter O)

Please write the child’s name followed by the name of the camp in the description.

Matteo Cioffi: +39 347 8617282 (9-13)
Silvia Maci: +39 349 3674202 (13-20)


What do I need to pack in my child’s backpack?

Please pack the following items:
–toiletries, bathrobe, slip-ons, shampoo, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste
–a jumper
–gym shoes
–sun cream with high protection
–bathing suit and, if needed, ear plugs and goggles
–pencil case, pens, pencil sharpener, eraser, coloured pencils
–reusable water bottle
–impermeable jacket
–mosquito spray

What NOT to pack?

–objects of value (necklaces, earrings…)
–electronic games of any kind
–large sums of cash (it’s possible to bring up to 30€ a week)
–food (snacks, crisps…)
–beach toys (buckets, water guns, balls…)

Do I need to send cash with my child?

If you’d like, you can give your child a small amount (max 30 € per week) to buy small snacks (like ice cream in the evening).

How should the children dress for the camp?

On the first day of camp a kit of clothing is provided (2 shorts, 3 shirts, backpack, hat).

How can I book the camp?

Send the completed and signed form (please note: three signatures are needed) to, then complete a wire transfer of the 100€ deposit (NOT refundable), please remember to put your child’s name and the name of the camp in the description. The remaining balance is due a week before the camp starts.

C/c intestato a Polisportiva Unduetre Sport s.s.d.r.l.
Iban: Iban: IT44 O 03296 01601 000067137498

(please write your child’s name followed by the camp name in the description)

(Please note after IT44 O is the letter O).

If I pay the 100€ deposit and then my child becomes ill do I lose the money?

The deposit is not refundable.

How do they eat at the camp?

Camp participants have breakfast with hot and cold milk, (chocolate if requested), tea, biscuits, toast, jam, cakes, fruit juice and cereal. Lunch and dinner will follow an athletic menu based on the Mediterranean diet with a balance of pasta, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. The menu also includes options for celiacs or children with intolerances/allergies or diets with ethical/religious reasons.

My child follows a particular diet, is it possible to have a personalized menu?

In the case of food allergies, intolerances or particular diets please contact

Who are the staff members, how are the selected, and what are their qualifications?

Present at the camp are:
–Qualified English mother tongue teachers from the Kindergarten school, with many years of teaching experience
–Qualified, motivated, and experienced English mother tongue instructors from Bimbi in Movimento. Many of whom are BLSD first aid certified.

What is the ratio of instructors to children?

The max ratio is 1 instructor per 10 children (in the pool or sea the max is 1 per 8)

My child has a disability, can he/she be accommodated?

For any questions in this regard we invite you to contact Matteo Cioffi (tel. 347/8617282) or Silvia Maci (tel. 349/3674202).

My child is not especially interested in sports, is your camp suitable for him/her?

All sports are offered in a fun and recreational way even for children who are less-loving of sports.

How many times a week are the offered sports practiced?

At least twice a week, but there are some sports that are offered up to 4 or 5 times a week.

If my child doesn’t like a particular activity is he/she obliged to do it?

Our procedure is to try and convince a child to try the offered activity, however if the child does not like it then he/she will be free to participate in an alternative activity (at least two are always offered at the same time).

Where do I go to get a physical fitness medical certificate (cerifitcato non agonistico)?

The medical certificate (certificate non agonistico), which is valid for one year from the date of issue, is issued by a sports medicine specialist, a general practitioner or a paediatrician and must contain the results of an anamnesis and physical examination, blood pressure and a resting electrocardiogram. The medical certificate is mandatory for children over 6 years of age.

Is it mandatory to present the medical certificate in order to enrol in the camp?

Yes, it is mandatory to have the physical fitness medical certificate (with resting electrocardiogram) which must be presented at least one week before the start of the camp.

What is the procedure in the event of an accident?

In the event of an accident, the Camp Manager will immediately notify the parents of the incident while, at the same time, providing the necessary medical intervention.
In the event that the child needs a particular intervention, he/she will be accompanied to the nearest emergency room and treatment options will be agreed upon by the parents and doctors.

If my child is unable to express him/herself well in English, will they still be able to enjoy themselves all the same?

Of course! It is important to understand that the language of the camp will be English because, for us, a true “full immersion” provides greater learning than simple workshops and lessons. Our mother tongue teachers are accustomed to working with children who don’t speak English and have developed effective ways to engage with them in a fun and active way.

Where to the camp participants come from?

The children come from all over Italy and, in the case of Paradù clients, from all over the world.

How many participants are there at the camp? How many participants stay at the camp?

At the camp it is possible to accommodate a maximum of 40 children per week. The majority of whom stay two or three weeks.

How are the English lessons organised?

The Kindergarten educational program is called “Discover English” (See the Educational Program page) and will be carried out in the morning with the mother tongue English teachers from Florence’s Kindergarten school.
In the afternoon, the children will have the opportunity to try many sports with the mother tongue English speaking sports instructors from Bimbi in Movimento who will make them passionate about beach volleyball, football, archery, and who will organize their games and tournaments for the sea and pool.

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